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Our History

When we set out on this journey, the founders had this one simple guiding principle that is the core of everything we do.  “If it is worth doing, It is worth doing well.” To that end, we seek out the elite: those who have remarkable potential and skill, those who see the world differently, and those who are not happy with the status quo. Together, we built the technology company we would want to hire: technically skilled individuals, with a high human relational component.

We exist to help other businesses succeed with technology. We provide an innovative approach to solve problems, automate systems, or move services to the cloud. We can also make a company more effective, coordinating technology for all work environments – in the traditional office, working from home, or a hybrid work environment . We have done this hundreds of times. And, we are excited to put our experience and expertise to use for your company. Welcome to Elite Pro Technology!


Quality Technology Services

Our customers come back to us over and over again. They rave about our quality of service and attention to detail. When we survey our customers, here is what they say:

  • Net Promoter Score (Would Refer) 92% 92%
  • Customer Satisfaction (Value of Service) 95% 95%
  • Customer Retention (Repeat Customer) 93% 93%

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