HIPAA Compliance

As a medical professional, you’re accustomed to helping people improve, maintain, or regain their health. But, even though this is a commendable endeavor, it puts you and your practice in a vulnerable situation. While providing services to your clients, you gather many pieces of personal and sensitive information. This data must be kept secure and out of the hands of people who do not have permission to access it. This is one reason why the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) came to be.


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What is HIPAA?

Enacted in 1996, this federal legislation lays the ground rules for keeping medical records and personal information secure. As a trusted healthcare professional, you’re responsible for maintaining HIPAA standards in your practice. Additionally, you must use HIPAA compliant software.

HIPAA compliance and technology

Today’s healthcare environment is full of technology. Fortunately, it makes storage of client data simple, and the transmission of client records fast and easy. Keeping the information private and secure, however, can be challenging. Instead of worrying about the IT side of your business, let our technical support specialists get and keep you HIPAA compliant.

Our IT services for HIPAA compliance

Here’s how we can help protect you, your staff, and your clients from personal data breaches and vulnerability:

• Managed IT Services: As a healthcare professional, you likely appreciate the advice that “prevention is the best medicine.” The same is true for HIPAA compliance and information security. We work proactively to manage and maintain your technology assets so they don’t become your liability. This includes managing user access, tracking external factors that could make your system vulnerable, and more. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to being compliant with HIPAA’s security rules. Then, you can get back to serving your clients.

• Vulnerability Scans: Our mission is to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities in systems or procedures before they lead to problems that could leave your data, and your clients, exposed. We proactively scan for and address any security holes we find. And, we keep you updated about your system’s security.

• Breach Detection: In the event that an attempt is made to access your secure data, we aim to stop it in its tracks before a full reportable breach happens. It’s like thwarting the burglar at the door, instead of trying to apprehend him after he’s gotten the goods. Our IT specialists are trained to monitor your software and systems to detect possible breaches before they become full-blown attacks.

As technology continues to evolve, HIPAA standards will do the same. Instead of taking valuable time away from patient care to manage IT requirements yourself, let our dedicated IT support specialists keep your systems up to date and your business secure. Contact us today to see how our IT solutions can keep you HIPAA compliant and give your business a solid foundation.

HIPAA compliance in healthcare
HIPAA compliant technology and software
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