Technology & Human Capital Security

While technology and Human Capital Security may be a mouthful, it is easily explained this way:

Your people are your biggest asset, but they are also your biggest security vulnerability.

Whether a manager unwittingly clicks on an email containing a phishing scheme, an admin unknowingly installs malicious code via a free download, or a client accidentally exposes your system to malware with their attachment, ALL of these very serious problems have two very important commonalities:

1.  Phishing scheme links, free downloads with malicious code, and email attachments with malware, and other such catastrophic security risks are all implemented into your system BY A HUMAN HAND. Fortunately, ALL of these extremely harmful and costly scenarios are 100% AVOIDABLE with the proper education and training.

2.  That’s what we do. Yes, we do FIX AND REPAIR the damage caused by these security breaches. More importantly, we prefer to PREVENT this from happening in the first place.

Technology & Human Capital Security Are Essential

Think of oil changes or tire rotations for your car. Without these simple maintenance acts, your car would incur expensive fixes and inconvenient and costly downtime. Even worse, you might experience catastrophic failure. The right technology and human capital security education is the same. It is 100% necessary and will prevent irreparable damage. In addition, it can  even prevent outright security breaches that negatively impact customers.

We help your people understand what is safe and reliable and what is not … both in the office and in a remote work environment. With the implementation of easy-to-follow processes to prevent catastrophic failure from malware and malicious code, we make your security as ironclad as possible. And, we thoroughly educate your most valuable (but error-prone) resources … your people.

technology and human capital security
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