Computer Support in Dallas, Tx

Computer Support 

When you are having problems with software, computers, or peripherals such as printers or scanners, you need a rock-solid Computer Support Specialist (we’ve even been called computer user support specialists and computer network support specialists). Whatever you call us, or whatever you need, we can provide prompt, professional, and experienced support for your business’s information technology (IT) staff.

We do it all – from crawling under desks clearing up cables and installations, to configuring software installations, and even speeding up that agonizingly-slow computer. Our range of services includes:

  • Install and support most business and productivity software
  • Provide IT repair or support requests, complaints, and inquiries, including support for your employees working remotely
  • Answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone, or from a remote location
  • Recommend changes or updates in programming, documentation, and training to address system deficiencies and user needs
  • And yes – even climb around under desks, fish cables behind walls, and spend hours in closets organizing installations ensuring all IT operations are running smoothly and efficiently

But, our work does not stop just because things are humming smoothly. We also keep required technical documentation, include issue resolution, and related processes and procedures. After all, we want to make sure you understand what happens in YOUR business.

Trust us, and we’ll keep your IT systems running efficiently and error-free.

Ready for the team committed to your success?