Application Programming

API and System Integration

An application programming interface (API) is basically one that enables interaction (or system integration) between data, applications, and devices.

Have you ever asked:

  • Can our systems talk to each other?
  • Will they update automatically?
  • Can we make account adjustments in real time that the client sees?

These are all good questions that can likely be solved with some form of API and System Integration solution.

Basically, API and System Integration allow for the accurate transfer of data and connectivity between devices and programs. API is also known as online (or cloud) programming that can connect companies with their consumers or clients. For example, an online billing interface that also connects with a CRM system illustrates API in action.

Our custom API and System integration ensures seamless functioning of your various systems and devices. This enables the fast and accurate interaction between data, applications, and devices. Our involvement will simplify this problem and benefit your business in ways you may never have imagined. Yeah, we make THAT happen!

application programming and system integration
Automation and AI

Automation and AI

Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are high tech buzz words that tend to be used interchangeably. But, they can perform very different roles in business.

Automation is when hardware or software is programmed  to do things automatically — without human intervention once the initial sequence or function is activated. So, putting clients on a 30, 60 and 90 day payment reminder system can be an example of this. At 30 days, the system activates an invoice. If the system shows the balance to still be unpaid at 60 days, a new invoice (reminder) is generated. Then, the same process repeats at 90 days. No human hand activates this – it is all done automatically.

AI is all about trying to make machines or software mimic, and eventually replace, human behavior and interaction. A prime example of this is software that learns the user’s preferences and inclinations. For example, Apple employs this with spectacular fashion when Siri begins to understand and learn your voice patterns, search dispositions, and personal preferences.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence can be combined as well. For example, a Chat Box on a website is most likely not powered by human hand, but driven by a combination of Automation and AI.

It may sound incredibly complicated – we’re guessing you are fascinated with the ramifications of how this technology can exponentially impact and improve your business.

But, how can you ask questions when you don’t know what is available? We do that for you.

We sit down with you and understand how your processes work. Then, we provide insight into the available technologies, explaining how they can improve your business and customer experience. And, we help you figure out your ROI for this undertaking. Lastly, we can help implement and maintain your new systems.

Ready for the team committed to your success?