If you’re a business owner, you know how important technology is in this day and age. Where it used to be a luxury, it’s now a requirement. Although many businesses understand how critical technology is, they don’t always have the IT department to manage it. This is where Elite Pro Tech comes in – we’re your white glove technology concierge.

In other words, when you hire us as your tech support company, we can handle all aspects of your technological assets. This includes everything from technical installations and security compliance to relocation services and emergency support. Let’s take a closer look at how our white glove technology concierge service helps one Texas-based business.


Elite and TXRE – A Business Technology Case Study

TXRE Properties is a commercial real estate management company located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With buildings located throughout the DFW metroplex, they have a large real estate portfolio that also comes with significant technology needs. Rather than hire a host of tech support companies to service their buildings and tenants, TXRE has chosen Elite Pro Tech to be their white-glove technology concierge. As such, we handle all of the following:

  • Technology for 35 buildings and their staff
    If a new piece of technology is needed, TXRE staff can call our technical specialists for tech purchases, installation, and support. We eliminate the middle man and act as a one-stop-shop!
  • Proactive technology support
    Because TXRE relies on technology for their buildings’ operations to run smoothly, there’s not much worse than a technology emergency. We help keep those emergencies to a minimum by providing proactive IT support. In other words, we identify potential problem areas and take care of them before they cause an IT emergency.
  • Break/fix emergency support
    In the event that an IT emergency can’t be prevented, we provide 24/7 emergency IT service. When we’re your white glove technology concierge, you don’t have to worry about finding a tech support company that will take your call and fix your problem when the timing is less than convenient.
  • Remote monitoring of technology systems
    For TXRE, this includes keeping a close eye on their buildings’ HVAC systems.
  • Active security monitoring
    While many businesses do a great job of protecting themselves from visible thieves, they often forget about the invisible ones – hackers. We teach proactive cybersecurity principles, including training employees in proper internet etiquette and maintaining robust technology systems that are resistant to cyber-attacks.


Are YOU ready for white glove technology concierge service?

Maintaining your company’s IT assets doesn’t have to be confusing, frustrating, or scary. Keep it simple by letting us handle all of your technology concerns. Whether you choose full technology support like TXRE Properties, or any combination of our IT services, we want to be your partner in business technology. Contact us to get started today!